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6761-67 Avenue.
Red Deer, AB T4P 1K3

Phone: 403-340-8797
Or 403-343-2232

Fax: 403-340-8796

After Hours: 403-588-1725

24 Hour Truck Service

Emergency Road Side Service for Truck & Trailer, Call: 1-403-588-1725.

Commercial Vehicle Inspection
Full inspection services for all types of trucks and trailer.
  • Trailer/Semi-Trailer
  • Truck/ Truck-Tractor
  • Light Truck
  • School Bus
  • Commercial Bus
Truck Pro

We’re part of the Truck Pro Society; The Larges independent service centre network across the country.


Experienced Rvers will undoubtedly have differing, or opposing approaches to some of the methods described in this Tech Tips section. This information...


ETR is a small heavy duty truck repair facility; they do government inspections, CVIP inspections, fleet maintenance, welding, Air conditioning, differentials, spring/driveline, brakes, engine, steering, RV and bus repairs.


  • Air Systems - Repair & Diagnosis
  • Brake Jobs - Air, Hydraulic & Electric
  • Drum & Rotor Machining
  • Cab Air Conditioning - Service & Repair
  • Cooling Systems


Don't miss that next checkup for your truck again. ETR can help remind you when that next inspection or preventative maintenance is required. Talk to one of our service managers about getting on our database to receive a faxed reminder or telephone call four weeks prior to the next scheduled maintenance for any of your trailers, trucks or tractors... more